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20060214 Tuesday February 14, 2006

Oracle's "Resistance is Futile" Message to MySQL?

Five months after scooping up InnoDB, a major technology provider to MySQL AB, it looks like Larry is borging them further. MySQL users who depend on InnoDB for transaction support were no doubt shaken by that announcement but, since MySQL has other backends, there's at least some assurance there that transactional capabilities won't be completely chopped into little pieces, wrapped in a carpet and tossed into a Redwood Shores swamp; there's always other vendors, like Sleepycat and their BerkeleyDB product, right?

Bwah hah hah! Larry's got a Bloody Valentine for you now! Seems as though an undisclosed sum has been passed and another one bites the dust. This article suggests that Oracle's also set its sites on JBoss and Zend (the latter of which currently has BD2 support front and center on their home page). Mark Fluery and Larry Ellison ... that has a ring to it!

I think it's time to solve the PostgreSQL database replication problem (no, Slony is not a good answer) for once and for all, lest Larry's bloodthirst vaporize MySQL.

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