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20040323 Tuesday March 23, 2004

GNU Arch Source Control The only source control systems I generally hear from people (except when they're bitching about how much their SC sucks) are CVS, Perforce and, recently, subversion. Well, today I talked to some folks who are using GNU Arch.

While I'm not especially enamored with CVS, it's like an old shoe. It's kinda stinky but still comfortable; you know how it fits and what its limitations are. Arch looks like a whole new beast, with funny naming conventions and this concept of categories being central to its repository model. I suppose the motivation is in part to replace bitkeeper as the linux source repository (inferred from all of the references to it be "suitable for free software development" but perhaps I read the wrong inference). Now I like Larry McVoy, he's really a good guy. It'd be weird for me to use a product the is intended to to undermine his business. On the other hand, that's the wrong reason not to pursue what may be a better technology.

From time to time, it's good to just go out and try on some new shoes; I guess I'll look more closely at Arch. ( Mar 23 2004, 07:19:42 PM PST ) Permalink


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