These are technologies that I haven't had sufficient time to play with but I'd like to have some more time to mess with. Besides the practical matter of keeping a technical leg up in the employment and entrepreneurial markets, I like messing around with new technologies that promise to make technical problem solving and application development easier.

These are in no particular order of importance, just a chronology of when I noted to myself that there's a technology I want to mess around with.

Technology URL(s) Date Added
J2ME/MIDP April 26, 2004
OpenFTS fulltext engine April 12, 2004
Code Generation Library March 21, 2004
The Spring Framework March 21, 2004
mono & .Net (beyond the "hello world"-level of sophistication)
March 20, 2004
tapestry March 20, 2004
maven March 19, 2004
java groups March 19, 2004
Module::Build March 12, 2004
Java::Build March 12, 2004
java server faces March 11, 2004
NIO March 11, 2004
Berkeley DB XML March 11, 2004
hibernate March 11, 2004

This page came about after a conversation where I'd been asked "So what technologies interest or intrigue you right now?" I didn't have a good answer off the top of my head in part due to the fact that at any given time there's always a lot of things that sound interesting but I only have so much time in the day and have to weigh competing priorities and thus those interests get buried in churn of activity.

By having an established place to keep track of these things, hopefully I'll do a better job of minding my "saw sharpening" priorities.